The energy transition is in progress!

Today, the energy transition is well in progress in the EU. Tens of GW of wind and solar PV capacity are added every year. Transmission grids are being extended. We’re investing in energy efficiency. Buildings are getting smarter. The transport fleet is electrifying. We have 11 million heat pumps in Europe. As a result, we estimate that the energy transition has already added well almost 2 million tonnes of copper in use, and is adding about 300 kilotonnes per year:

Application Annual demand (kt) Cumulative demand(kt up to 2018) Sources
Wind energy 170 970 Creara, Frost & Sullivan, Atkins, GWEC, Wind Europe, ECI research
Photovoltaics 45 490 Becquerel, Generalia, SAI, ECI research
E-mobility 30 60 Navigant, Fraunhofer, VDE, ECI research
Transmission grids 35 100 ENTSO-E, Europacable, ECI research
Distribution grids 35 100 DNVGL, Alliander, European Commission, VITO, ECI research
Heating & cooling 8 88 EHPA, ECI research
Total 323 1,838

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